True crime - from the people involved

”En mörk historia” is a collection of true crime documentaries. Interviews with police, prosecutors, victims, relatives, perpetrators and others tells the story of what happened, and why.

The show is produced in Sweden and Norway, and is one of the largest podcasts in the nordics. From 2021 new episodes airs exclusively on PodMe.

Astrid Lindgren - a five-part documentary

We’ve come to know her through Pippi Longstocking and all the other sagas, but who was Astrid Lindgren, the woman who created them?

In collaboration with Astrid’s estate, and with the help of never before published recordings, we gained the trust to tell the story of one of the greatest writers of our time.

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We make the kind of podcasts we love to listen to. For us, that means a few different things. It’s stories that develop over time and at its best provides the listener with a broader view and deeper understanding of the world around us. It’s on-demand, highly produced, built around journalistic principles, and plot – i.e. a narrative, or simply put… a story.

Hundreds of thousands of people listen to our podcasts (or IPs as the business people refer to them). Yet, we recognize that audio – while certainly being the oldest – isn’t the only form of storytelling. Different occasions and different stories calls for different mediums. That’s why we also adapt some podcasts to film, tv and books.

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We’re proud to gather some of the most talented and influential producers, as well as our access to premier marketing, sales and distribution. Do you have an idea for our next show, story or hire?

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